Main Residence

Beds: 4

Baths: 3

Separate: 1BD / 1BA Guest Quarters

Size: 4,344 SF (Seller)

Lot: 437 +/- Acres (per Surveyor)


JAY LORD   408.621.1500

This majestic Morgan Hill Estate Ranch has had an interesting historic past. In the early 1900s, the land was used extensively for grape vineyards. There was also an active lumber operation, mainly harvesting giant redwood trees. The second growth of these great trees can be seen today on the Ranch. A pair of golden eagles have made a nest in the upper redwood grove successfully raising several young over the last few years.

Syntex Laboratories bought the Ranch in the sixties to develop different cattle forage and grains. In the late seventies the Ranch changed ownership and became a horse breeding establishment raising racing trotters.

Lastly, in 1983 the Ranch was purchased by the current owners to start up the renown Silver Oaks Ostrich Ranch breeding farm, home to one of the largest ostrich ranches in America. At one point, this very successful ranch had over 750 of the birds measuring eight feet tall and weighing 400 pounds. Visitors, breeders and customers from around the world visited the ranch to see these amazing birds that scientists say are the closest living thing today to a dinosaur. This unique ranch also features Belted Galloway cattle from Scotland and pet miniature Sicilian donkeys. The owners retired the Silver Oaks Ostrich Ranch in 2000, but still have a herd of cattle, two draft horses, 6 miniature donkeys and a few ostriches.

Here is a link to a Stanford University article pertaining to the history of the Silver Oaks Ostrich Ranch:

Property History


Morgan Hill Estate Ranch

this grand ranch estate encompasses 437 +/- acres of land with open meadows,

rolling hills, private lake / ponds / creek, multiple homes, barns and endless views

– located only 15 minutes (9 miles) to the town of morgan hill